December 28, 2010

New Year's Resolution

Every year I tell myself that I don't need any resolutions just because 365 days have gone by. And every year as the year comes to a close, I have a list of things I want to do for the next year. Soooooooo why fight the funk...I have list and SO WHAT! And yeah it's the same as the last 5 years... SO WHAT! lol

  1. Develop a closer relationship with Christ.
  2. Exercise more
  3. Drink more water
  4. Save more money
And now that I've come to grips with a list I may have a few newbies! lol

  1. Lose 7 pounds by August 27, 2011
  2. Read at least 4 books a month
  3. Move Sister to Sister to the next level
  4. Blog more with Chic Complexity
Uhhhh that's all for now! :)

Do you have a list?



  1. I personally don't make resolutions anymore, but this is a pretty good list!! I just want to keep moving forward in a positive direction; letting go of negative things and people in the process. 2011 will be great!

  2. Girl I know that's right! Move forward with POSITIVE things AND people!!

  3. I will support you in whatever you want to do, regardless if it's on a list/resolution or not! 2011 is our year!

    E Carter

  4. I just have ONE resolution: MAKE IT HAPPEN!! Whatever I set out to do...will be done!! Happy New Year girl!!

  5. I heard that girl! DO IT!!!!!!!!!