December 19, 2012

$5 for stocking and tree skirt at Walmart

Walmart has a special for a beautiful stocking and a tree skirt for only $5. You get BOTH for $5! And if you order today they will have it available for store pick up by Monday!

You can stock up for next Christmas if you need to!



Keep Calm

That is all! :o)


December 5, 2012

Natural Beauty

Okay so I'm going to go here and I just hope I don't personally offend anyone. You know when you start something off like that chances are you will offend someone. SMH

As of late, the natural hair debate has kind of taken over. I feel like it's the newest trend. I personally love it. Am I natural?? NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!! LOL!!! But I still love all of the styles and the way that it gives a Black woman a since of pride. But the thing that has kind of been irking me is the NATURAL BEAUTY comment that I see all the time. Almost as if they have an edge up on those with a relaxer. Are these women beautiful? YESSSSS. Are they completely natural? Ummm...not so much!

I would LOVEEEEEEEEEEE to post some pictures, but again not trying to offend someone. But my question is...

How can you be considered a NATURAL BEAUTY and you have on photo shoot makeup at all times???

 *gasps* I know...

It started with an email I received from about some "Naturally Pretty" women. As soon as I opened the email, I saw bright pink lips!!!

Not the actual picture, just for effect! LOL!!
Totally threw me off, and I forgot all about the hair. Which is why I'm sure these were considered natural beauties!! So I immediately thought...

Well what would she look like without all that makeup??

Is she now considered beautiful because of her hair? And there is nothing wrong with that.

Did she wear all of this makeup before she went natural?? And there is nothing wrong with that either.

Just so many questions!!!

Maybe it should be Natural HAIR Beauty??? I'm just saying!!

Anyway...I'm off on a tangent now...but what do you all think about that Natural Beauty title?

PS- Not trying to make this a Natural vs Relaxed Hair debate either!!! WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL!!


December 1, 2012

$2 Subs at Subway

All month long Subway is offering the Cold Cut Combo and the Meatball Marinara sub for only $2!!!

December is Customer Appreciation Month, and you can get two of your favorites for $2 each. Pick up the 6” Cold Cut Combo or the Meatball Marinara today. It’s our way of saying thanks!
Can't beat that!!! Head on to Subway!


November 30, 2012

Day 30...30 days of gratitude

Today I am grateful to have been able to participate in the 30 days of gratitude! It really made me see how many blessings I have in my life!

My Husband

My Family

My Grandparents

My Friends

My Health

Just because the month is over doesn't mean that I'll stop thanking God for all the many things He has given me!

Hope you all enjoyed the 30 days!

What are YOU grateful for today?


November 29, 2012

Day 29...Family

Today I am grateful for family!!! I have the best family ever!! Of course we have our issues, but I love them all the same! :o)

I am also blessed with a great new family from my husband's side. I am the only child but now have three sisters! LOVE IT!!!

I always joke that I was raised in GA and my husband just moved here a few years ago, but has more family here than I could even THINK of having!! LOL

What are you grateful for today?


November 28, 2012

Day 28...Leftovers

Today I am grateful for leftovers!

Whewwww weeee I made a White Turkey Chili last night with my leftover Turkey.

I put the turkey legs in the crockpot and let them get good and tender and shredded all the meat.

Then I used Williams Sonoma's recipe I found on Pinterest for the chili.
White Turkey Chili

Sorry don't have a picture of the finished product. But I promise it was great! :) lol

Two more days of gratitude. Have you been participating? What are you grateful for today???


November 27, 2012

Day 27...Books

Today I am grateful for books!!!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee reading.

It's nothing like curling up on the couch with a blanket and a good book. If it's stimulating, I could probably read it in a night. And the last couple of months I have been doing just that. A good book on one evening. LOVE IT!!!

What's the latest book you've read?

And what are YOU grateful for today?


November 26, 2012

Day 26...Choices

Today I am grateful for choices. We have the freedom to make our own decisions and to also reap the benefits or consequences of those choices we make.

Hoping to make the best choices in life!!!

What are you grateful for?


November 24, 2012

Day 24...Christ

Today I am grateful for Christ!!! I'm getting in the Christmas spirit with decoration and I don't want for a second to forget the real reason for the season.

Thank you Jesus for dying for my sins.
What are you grateful for?


November 23, 2012

Day 23... Sales

Today I am grateful for Sales!!!!!! Love a good sale. I actually hate shopping but love finding a great deal. Go figure. Well today I went out in the Black Friday madness. Didn't find too many great deals. But I did enjoy being amongst the people and great deals. Lol

This is where the term "Black Friday" came from...

The day's name originated in Philadelphia, where it originally was used to describe the heavy and disruptive pedestrian and vehicle traffic which would occur on the day after Thanksgiving.[4][5] Use of the term started before 1961 and began to see broader use outside Philadelphia around 1975. Later an alternative explanation began to be offered: that "Black Friday" indicates the point at which retailers begin to turn a profit, or are "in the black".[4][6]

Did you shop for Black Friday?

What are you grateful for?


November 22, 2012

Day 22...Another Year

Today I am grateful to see yet another birthday. So glad God has blessed me with 32 years. I love that it falls on Thanksgiving. Don't mind sharing it at all. :) Prayiny for an even better year than the last.

What are you grateful for?


November 21, 2012

Day 21...Holidays

Today I am grateful for Holidays. They bring family and friends together. Even if you don't get with them on a regular basis, you are going to make sure you see them for the Holidays.

I almost thought I wanted to do nothing. But I'm looking forward to seeing people I haven't seen in a while.

Praying everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and get to spend it with those you love.

What are you grateful for?


November 20, 2012

Day 20...Grandparents

Today I am grateful for my grandparents!!!

They are such a blessing to me. They have been married 55 years! Such a inspiration and example of an amazing couple!! My grandmother has taught me to lean on God and to trust Him with all my heart!

Aren't they so cute!?!?!? :)


What are you grateful for?


November 19, 2012

Day 19...Jeans

Today I am grateful for jeans. Whoever created these did a good thing!! :) Today I found out we could wear jeans to work all week. Now I didn't know about today, but I'll go ahead and make it happen for tomorrow. ;o)

What are you grateful for?


November 18, 2012

Day 17 & 18...God's Love

Today I am thankful for God's love. He love us no matter what we do. I'm so amazed by His love. I've been so full all weekend. Truly a blessing to be a child of God.

What are you grateful for?


November 16, 2012

Day 16...My Car

We are over the hump!!!!

Today I am grateful for my car!! I remember when I got my first car it seems like I always thought at any moment it could break down. LOL Then my senior year in college I got my first BRAND NEW car...Actually got the best deal I could afford so it wasn't something I really wanted. But with only 3 miles, we drove off the lot and instantly I fell in love! LOL!!!

My NeNe
The day I let her go :(
Then even my brand newwwwwwwww baby started giving me trouble. Well at this point she was almost 10 years old (but hey...who's counting??). So after 5 years of no car note I decided it was time to step my game up!

Now at this point in life I decided actually my husband decided I needed to get something I wanted and not just something I could afford. Within two days, I found myself driving off the lot with my new baby...

Avy AKA Lonnie (depends on who I'm talking about her to LOL)

The day she came home with me :)
So now I have a new love. Until the next time...hopefully 10 years from now!! HA!!

What are you grateful for?


November 15, 2012

Day 15...Food

Today I am grateful for having food to eat! I have moe than enough and some people are struglling for ONE MEAL!! I could probably eat a lot less too! SMH lol But I'm grateful to be able to have it when or if I want.

What are you grateful for?


November 14, 2012

Day 14...Shelter

Today I am grateful for a roof over my head. It's starting to get cold outside and I know not everyone is blessed to have a home that they can call theirs. Or shoot....a home period. So I thank God today for my home!

What are YOU grateful for?


November 13, 2012

Day 13...My Husband

Today I am grateful for my husband.


He loves God! He loves me!! He puts up with all my craziness and is always there for me when I need him. He treats me like a queen and I am honored to be able to treat him like a King!!

What are you grateful for?


November 12, 2012

Day 12...Freebies

Today I'm thankful for FREEBIES!!! I love finding a good deal and love getting things for free. I had a great Saturday with FREE Sabra Hummus! I've gotten my coupon game going and love doing it! Looking forward to Black Friday and all the great deals!!

What are you grateful for?


November 11, 2012

Day 10 & 11...Friends

Got so wrapped in my weekend forgot to post what I'm thankful for. But this weekend I am grateful for GREAT FRIENDS!!!! I really do believe I have the best friends ever. Couldn't ask for a better set. We can laugh, cry, and Praise God together. I love it!!!

What are you grateful for??


November 9, 2012

Day 9...Fridays

Today I am grateful for Fridays!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nothing serious...just that! :)

What are you grateful for?


November 8, 2012

Day 8…My Job

Today I am grateful for working for an amazing company. I have definitely been blessed to have a work family that I love. They are all so caring and have hearts of gold. I love what I do and enjoy who I'm doing it with. I know everyone does not like their job or like going into work, so for that I am grateful!!!!
What are you grateful for?

November 7, 2012

Day 7...Proud to be an American

Today I am grateful that I live in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!! We have more freedom that we even know (or sometimes need lol). It has truly been a wonderful experience voting and seeing that my vote counts. I know that our country is not perfect, but I at least hope we are on our way to making it better.

What are you grateful for?


November 6, 2012

Day 6...The right to vote

Today I am grateful for all those that fought and died so that I may have the right to vote.

Please don't take it for granted. Exercise your right to vote.

What are you grateful for?


November 5, 2012

Day 5...Birthday Freebies

Today I am grateful for Birthday Freebies!!!!

A lot of companies offer freebies around your birthday.

If you haven't already signed up for all the great places that will give you something free on your birthday, here is a great ist...

Free Dessert

Applebee’s – Free Dessert and Song
Bakers Square – Free Piece of Pie
Baskin Robbins – Free 2.5 oz. Ice Cream Scoop (must register)
Big Boy – Free Hot Fudge Ice Cream (must register)
Buffalo Wild Wings – Free dessert (must register)
Captain D’s – Free dessert (must register)
Carrows – Free Dessert (must register)
Cattlemen’s – Free Dessert (must register)
Cold Stone Creamery – BOGO Ice Cream Coupon (register)
Dairy Queen – BOGO coupon (must register)
Friendly’s – Free Offer (must register)
Hard Rock Cafe – Free Dessert
Joe’s Crab Shack – Free Piece of Cake
Macaroni Grill – Free Dessert and Song
Marble Slab – Free Small Ice Cream and One Mix-In (register)
Outback – Free Dessert and Song
P.F. Chang’s – Free Dessert
Texas Roadhouse – Free Dessert or Appetizer (must register)
Zio’s – Free Dessert (must register)

Free Adult Meal

Bruegger’s – Free Bagel (must register)
Captain D’s – Free Adult Meal (must register)
Denny’s - Free Grand Slam
Firehouse Subs – Free Medium Sub w/ ID
Fuddruckers - Free Burger (must register)
Moe’s – Free Entree (must register)
Noodles and Company – Free Entree (must register)
Provinos – Free Birthday Dinner w/ ID
Red Robin – Free Burger (must register)
Ruby Tuesday – Free Burger (must register)
Tony Roma’s – Free Dinner (must register)
Qdoba – Free entree when you buy one (must register)

Free Kid’s Meal

Bob Evans – Free Kid’s Meal (must register)
Burger King – Free Kid’s Hamburger Meal (must register)
California Pizza Kitchen – Free Kid’s Meal (must register)
Captain D’s – Free Kid’s Meal (must register)
Shoney’s – Free Kid’s Meal (must register)
Sonic – Free Wacky Pack (must register)
Taco Time – Free Kid’s Meal (must register)


Adidas – 15% off (must register)
Anthropology – 15 % off (must register)
American Eagle Outfitters - 15% off during your birthday month (must register)
Aveda – Free birthday gift (must register)
Barnes & Noble – Free Cupcake on your child’s birthday (must register)
Columbia Sportswear – 20% off (must register)
CVS – $3 ExtraCare Bucks (must register)
dELiA’s – Special gift (must register)
DSW – Get a $5 Certificate for your birthday (must register)
Kmart birthday club – $5 Birthday Bucks + more (must register)
Lancome – Special birthday offer (must register)
Mattel – Special greeting card and a $5 coupon (must register)
Old Navy – Free birthday surprise (must register)
Payless – 20% off during your birthday month (must register)
Stein Mart – 20% off (must register)
The Children’s Place  15% coupon on your birthday and your child’s birthday (must register)
World Market: Surprise Birthday Gift.


AMF Bowling – Special deal (must register)
TGI Friday’s – Free appetizer (must register)
Lone Star Steakhouse – Gift on your Birthday (must register)
Marie Callender’s – $5 off your meal and piece of pie (must register)
Olan Meals – Free Photo Package (must register)
On the Border – Free appetizer (must register)
Red Lobster – Gift on your Birthday (must register)
Redbox – Free rental code (must register)
Sephora – Free Gift (must register)
Starbucks – Free Drinks (must register)
Toy’s R Us – Birthday card and surprise gift (must register)

*list from Southern Savers

What are you grateful for?


November 4, 2012

Day 4...Good Health

Today I'm thankful for good health. I have high blood pressure that runs in my family. I have to take measures to make sure mine is not sky high. I am thankful that I know my history and know what I need to do to make my health better.

What are you grateful for?


November 3, 2012

Day 3...Weekends

I'm grateful today for days off. Love a good Saturday where I can sleep in. Time to rest and relax and re energize for the next week.


Hope everyone enjoys their weekend.

What are you grateful for?


November 2, 2012

Day 2...God's Healing

Again, everyone did not make it to November 2012.

I am grateful today for God's healing power. I thank him in ADVANCE for his healing on those that need it and for me when I need it. We can lay hands on our selves and through faith perform a miracle.

What are you grateful for?


November 1, 2012

Day 1...Grateful

November is the month of gratitude and I will be posting what I'm grateful for everyday.

Today I am grateful to see another day. I know it seems small, but there are a lot of people that didn't make it to November 2012. I'm grateful for being able to take this challenge and express the things that God has blessed me with.

What are you grateful for?


Welcome November

One of the best months of the year!!!!!!!!!!!

My birthday and Thanksgiving just so happen to fall on the same day this year! So everyone will be celebrating!! :o) LOL

November is also Gratitude Month!

Found this challenge

November is the perfect month to practice being grateful for all of life's blessings—big and small. Gratitude helps us enjoy, appreciate, and be more satisfied with our lives. Grateful people deal with life’s ups and downs more gracefully. And now research suggests that being grateful can make you happier and is good for your health. A positive attitude can give you more energy, reduce stress and even boost your immune system. (It always takes science a few decades to catch up with what mom always knew!)

A grateful attitude may be even more essential for kids. Studies have shown that students who are more grateful may have better grades, more friends, and are generally more satisfied with life. In contrast, young people who are more materialistic have a tenden...

cy to be more envious and depressed.

So this November, get your family started on a journey to become more grateful. It’s easy. Hang a big piece of paper on the wall—the bigger the better. Supply your family with fun writing tools—crayons, markers, even watercolor paint and brushes. Encourage each family member to write (or draw!) what they’re grateful for. The goal is to add to the list every day.

Be creative! Nothing is too small to be grateful for.

How many things does your family have to be grateful for? There’s only one way to find out…make the list! By the end of November you’ll be surprised at just how long and varied the list is.

Keep your list in plain sight through the holidays and return to it when little annoyances like tangled lights, out-of-stock gifts, and burnt cookies threaten to bring you down.
Who wants to join me?
What are you grateful for?

October 3, 2012

Happy 20th Anniversary to the Obamas!!

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are celebrating 20 years today.  The couple were married on October 3rd, 1992.
The presidential debate is also tonight from 9:00-10:30 p.m. EST. So this is a big day for The Obamas! :o)
Happy Anniversary!

October 1, 2012

Really Tyson???

Tyson Chandler hosting an event in NY

I don't even know what to say about this!?!?!? SMH!!! lol

Would you rock it?


September 25, 2012

QOTD: Quote of the day

"Rather to go to bed supperless than rise in debt"
- Benjamin Franklin
Well he done said that!!!!!! Why is it that so many people would rather live for the moment?? And then go to bed worried??


September 24, 2012

Free McDonald's coffee ALL WEEK


Now through September 29th McDonald’s is offering a FREE small cup of Newman’s Own Organic Coffee (no purchase required!).

YES!!! Free!! Go get it!!


September 19, 2012

Free Greeting Card + Free Shipping is offering a FREE greeting card and FREE shipping. So it costs you NADA!!! Can't beat that!! Send a special birthday greeting or a just thinking of you card. Either way, it's free!!

You can add pictures and personalize the greeting! LOVE this site!

Enter in code CCL2673 at check out until 9/23.

Click here to get started.


DOTD: Deal of the Day

YES YES YES!!! Don't say I've never given you anything! :o)
The Deal of the Day from is $2 for a portable battery charger for all your Apple devices from iChameleons!!

Only $6 for shipping.

So you get this for $8!

You can't beat that with a bat!!!

Click here to get your charger now!!! This deal is only lasting for 2 more days!!


September 17, 2012

McDonald's Halloween Treats Coupon Booklet

It's BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
McDonald’s Halloween Treats coupon booklets is only $1!! 12 coupons for FREE items!

The coupons include:
4 FREE Apple Slices
4 FREE Small Cones
4 FREE Milk Chugs or Juice Boxes

Get them before they are all gone!!!


September 14, 2012

Free Queso Day at Moe's


On Thursday, September 20, 2012, Moe's is offering FREE QUESO! At participating locations, every guest will receive one free cup of queso; limit one per guest. #ShareTheCheese


September 13, 2012

$98-8 Day 7 Night Mexico Resort Getaway

YES YES YESSSSS!!! 8 Day 7 Night Mexico Resort Getaway for only $98. HalfOff Depot has a special going on right now. Hurry!!! Not sure how long it will last.

Resorts include but are not limited to:

Mayan Palace Riviera Maya
Mayan Sea Garden
Park Royal Los Cabos
The Grand Mayan Cabos
Coral Princess Club
El Cid El Moro Beach
Click here and book your vacation!!

Booking Details
You have 12 month to book your accommodation from the date of purchase. Most of the check-in days are Friday through Sunday. When ready to book, simply email Vacation Getaways or submit online form with requested destination and travel dates. Vacation Destinations will reply with available resort options and/or arrival dates. Nightly room taxes and fees are $22 per person required when finalizing reservation. Reservations may be confirmed with Visa, Master Card and PayPal after customer approval.

Terms and Conditions
The deal includes accommodation for up to 8 guests based on minimum double occupancy. Additional guest needs to pay nightly room taxes and fees of $22 per guest. Additional resorts fees may be required at check in and usually do not exceed $7 per night. We will let you know if fees at check in are to exceed $50 per week per room. Destinations and travel times are subject to availability. Reservations must be made at least 4 days prior to the check-in date. Certificate travel is not available or may be limited during most holiday weeks, spring break weeks and peak summer weeks. Offer includes only accommodations and specifically excludes taxes, travel costs and other expenses that may be incurred. Transportation and meals are not provided. Other restrictions may apply. Offer void where prohibited by law. All confirmations (i.e., bookings of accommodations using the Certificate) are final and non-refundable, except as required by law. No changes may be made after confirmation. Attendance at a sales presentation is not required. Only the person booking the resort may check in at the resort. Must be 21 years of age or older. Guests under 21 must be accompanied by parent, relative or guardian age 25 or older.


$2 off popcorn at Regal Cinemas

I hardly EVER get popcorn or any snacks for that matter from the theater. I blame hubby but anyway...LOL IF you are so lucky as to get some movie popcorn, here's a mobile coupon for $2 off at Regal Cinemas. ;o)


August 21, 2012

Dollar Tree is accepting COUPONS!!


The Dollar Tree will begin accepting coupons at the end of this month. Some stores at the beginning of September.

You can locate the store nearest you and call to see exactly when they will start.

They do have a few rules...

No retailer specific coupons (ie: no Kroger store coupons)
Coupons can’t be redeemed for more than the value of the product
No BOGO coupons
No Free coupons


So what would be the first thing you would look for with coupons?
Thanks for sharing Frugalicious Diva!


June 14, 2012

Email Your Favorite Companies for FREEBIES

As you all may remember I emailed Sweet Baby Rays and got coupons for free and discount bottles. I also emailed Wonderful Pistachios to see if they would be willing to send anything. And I received this email today!!

Dear Mrs. Donnica Carter:

Thank you for contacting Paramount Farms about Wonderful Pistachios. It is always a pleasure to receive compliments from our consumers.

Paramount Farms has a long history of providing high quality products. Through numerous inspections, protective measures and teamwork, we make products we believe every customer will enjoy. We strive to ensure product quality and purity from harvesting to packaging. We appreciate receiving the positive feedback.

We'll be sending some savings by regular mail which we hope you'll use to enjoy our product again.  Thank you for your thoughtful comments.

Paramount Farms
Consumer Care

Be sure to "like" us on Facebook
Find other useful information at
 WHOOO OOHHHH. If you love those pistachios, let them know and get some freebies too!


June 6, 2012

President Obama covers Essence

The President gives a great interview in the July 2012 issue of Essence magazine.

Here's a little snippet...

“I’ve always approached my presidency as a long-term proposition…I didn’t run for office just to clean up the mess I inherited. I didn’t run for office just to return to the status quo. Understanding that some of the things I get done, we may not see the benefits from them for ten years. But that’s how change happens…”

-President Barack Obama

Are you looking forward to the campaign season approaching us??


June 5, 2012

FREE Movies in Atlantic Station's Central Park

  • WHAT: Movies in Central Park
  • WHERE: Central Park at Atlantic Station
  • WHEN: Thursdays thru August 23, 2012. All movies start at sundown.
  • ADMISSION: Free.

  • YESSSS FREE!!! Here’s the schedule for the rest of the summer.
    • June 7: The Muppets
    • June 14: The Help
    • June 21: The Lincoln Lawyer
    • June 28: Spiderman
    • July 5: Captain America
    • July 12: Grease
    • July 19: Forest Gump
    • July 26: Clueless
    • August 2: Notebook
    • August 9: Ferris Bueller
    • August 16: The Blind Side
    • August 23: Hugo
    Grease...Clueless...Notebook...Ferris Bueller!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS :)

    Who's in??


    May 31, 2012

    Ebay Coupons

    Have you ever thought about getting coupons from Ebay??? It's been a game changer. I don't even buy a Sunday paper anymore. If you find a deal that you really love, you can search for coupons on Ebay. They normally come in lots of 10 or 20. STOCK PILE!!!!!!!!

    So you signed up for the sites I told you about for couponing, right??? Now when they tell you exactly which coupon to look for you can go on Ebay and search for it.
    Kroger had a deal on Smart Balance Milk. We go through this like it's going out of style. The milk is normally $3.99. It was on sale for $2.49 and there was a coupon out there for $1.50/off. YUP...that makes the half gallon a whopping ONE DOLLAR!! So I ordered some coupons from Ebay and stocked up!

    Seriously...GAME CHANGER!

    Ever thought about going to Ebay for coupons?


    May 30, 2012

    Great Sites for Couponing

    I have fallen in love with couponing. It took me a minute to get it right (and I'm still no expert) but I have been so proud of some of the deals I have found. :o)

    It's not as hard as I'm sure it used to be. With the Internet, all of the deals are right at your finger tips.

    I am NOT finding these deals on my own. There are some great sites out there that do all the work for you! What could be better???

    Here are some of my FAVS!!

    I Heart Publix (all about Publix deals)

    I Heart Kroger (all about Kroger deals)

    Souther Savers (Mainly for those stores in the Southern states)

    These sites will even have next week's sales out in advance. You can totally get your self prepared for the deals coming up! But most importantly they find the deals for you. They list all of the deals. Exactly which coupons can be used and how much the item will end up being after the coupons. AND (yes more) they even tell which Sunday paper the coupon was in by the date. There are even some coupons that are printable and you can get straight from the link they provide. WHAT MORE CAN YOU ASK FOR? All you have to do is read the info.

    ALSO...almost every store has an I HEART site. So if you like Walmart, Rite Aid, CVS, or Walgreens (iheartwags) try those out as well.

    Don't say I've never shared this info...LOL



    May 25, 2012

    Short Hair on Vivica Fox

    I'm sure I am partial and all but I really do think most people look BETTER with short hair! ;o) Check Vivica Fox out at the MIB3 Hollywood premiere.

    Isn't she looking fly?? Loving the new do!

    What y'all think?


    Holiday Weekends

    I just loveeeeeee three day weekends!!! Shouldn't it be like this ALL the time??? Well...let's just be thankful for the few we have!

    Here's to the weekend!!!

    Any big plans for Memorial Day? This is what I'll probably be doing...LOL


    May 17, 2012

    FREE ULTA Birthday Brow Arch

    You know how much I love FREEEEEEEE!!

    If you have an ULTA Beauty Store near you with a Benefit Brow Bar inside, you can snag a FREE Brow Arch on your birthday! That's a $20 value!!!

    What a great birthday freebie!!! I normally go around and get all my food freebies but this year I am added brows to the list!!

    Click here to send a friend the FREE Birthday Brow Arch!


    May 8, 2012

    Obsessed with Pinterest

    WHY WHY WHY did y'all tell me about Pinterest???? Anyway...I'm glad you did! LOL I am IN LOVE! I am now the Betty Crocker of my house, the best dressed in my head, and have a new found love of doing everything MYSELF!!!

    Okay let me back up. What is Pinterest???  Who can better explain it but Pinterest themselves. This is from their site...

    What is Pinterest?

    Pinterest is a Virtual Pinboard.

    Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and organize their favorite recipes.
    Best of all, you can browse pinboards created by other people. Browsing pinboards is a fun way to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests. To get started, request an invite. have to request an invite unless someone you knows invites you. *waving hands* I'm on, so if you want I can invite you! LOL Sounds so exclusive right?? LOL

    I have found some of the most amazing things and really do plan on trying ALL of it at least in my head. Here are some examples of things I've "pinned"...
    DIY Frame Key Holder
    DIY Frame Key Holder

    T-shirt refashion
    Tshirt refashion

    fruits are awesome
    Benefits of Fruit

    FINALLY!!!! The recipe for the Chik-fil-a sauce...oh and a recipe for the nuggets too! LOL
    Chik-fil-A nugget recipe

    Chic shorts
    My new wardrobe :o) lol
    Feeling a little BLUE
    I can so see me in this!

    Want to try a little color blocking... is the next obession

    Hit me up if you are on there! :o)

    And the site Polyvore where you can create these cute wardrobe looks is also really cool! Check it out!

    Anyone else into Pinterest?