May 31, 2012

Ebay Coupons

Have you ever thought about getting coupons from Ebay??? It's been a game changer. I don't even buy a Sunday paper anymore. If you find a deal that you really love, you can search for coupons on Ebay. They normally come in lots of 10 or 20. STOCK PILE!!!!!!!!

So you signed up for the sites I told you about for couponing, right??? Now when they tell you exactly which coupon to look for you can go on Ebay and search for it.
Kroger had a deal on Smart Balance Milk. We go through this like it's going out of style. The milk is normally $3.99. It was on sale for $2.49 and there was a coupon out there for $1.50/off. YUP...that makes the half gallon a whopping ONE DOLLAR!! So I ordered some coupons from Ebay and stocked up!

Seriously...GAME CHANGER!

Ever thought about going to Ebay for coupons?


May 30, 2012

Great Sites for Couponing

I have fallen in love with couponing. It took me a minute to get it right (and I'm still no expert) but I have been so proud of some of the deals I have found. :o)

It's not as hard as I'm sure it used to be. With the Internet, all of the deals are right at your finger tips.

I am NOT finding these deals on my own. There are some great sites out there that do all the work for you! What could be better???

Here are some of my FAVS!!

I Heart Publix (all about Publix deals)

I Heart Kroger (all about Kroger deals)

Souther Savers (Mainly for those stores in the Southern states)

These sites will even have next week's sales out in advance. You can totally get your self prepared for the deals coming up! But most importantly they find the deals for you. They list all of the deals. Exactly which coupons can be used and how much the item will end up being after the coupons. AND (yes more) they even tell which Sunday paper the coupon was in by the date. There are even some coupons that are printable and you can get straight from the link they provide. WHAT MORE CAN YOU ASK FOR? All you have to do is read the info.

ALSO...almost every store has an I HEART site. So if you like Walmart, Rite Aid, CVS, or Walgreens (iheartwags) try those out as well.

Don't say I've never shared this info...LOL



May 25, 2012

Short Hair on Vivica Fox

I'm sure I am partial and all but I really do think most people look BETTER with short hair! ;o) Check Vivica Fox out at the MIB3 Hollywood premiere.

Isn't she looking fly?? Loving the new do!

What y'all think?


Holiday Weekends

I just loveeeeeee three day weekends!!! Shouldn't it be like this ALL the time??? Well...let's just be thankful for the few we have!

Here's to the weekend!!!

Any big plans for Memorial Day? This is what I'll probably be doing...LOL


May 17, 2012

FREE ULTA Birthday Brow Arch

You know how much I love FREEEEEEEE!!

If you have an ULTA Beauty Store near you with a Benefit Brow Bar inside, you can snag a FREE Brow Arch on your birthday! That's a $20 value!!!

What a great birthday freebie!!! I normally go around and get all my food freebies but this year I am added brows to the list!!

Click here to send a friend the FREE Birthday Brow Arch!


May 8, 2012

Obsessed with Pinterest

WHY WHY WHY did y'all tell me about Pinterest???? Anyway...I'm glad you did! LOL I am IN LOVE! I am now the Betty Crocker of my house, the best dressed in my head, and have a new found love of doing everything MYSELF!!!

Okay let me back up. What is Pinterest???  Who can better explain it but Pinterest themselves. This is from their site...

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a Virtual Pinboard.

Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and organize their favorite recipes.
Best of all, you can browse pinboards created by other people. Browsing pinboards is a fun way to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests. To get started, request an invite. have to request an invite unless someone you knows invites you. *waving hands* I'm on, so if you want I can invite you! LOL Sounds so exclusive right?? LOL

I have found some of the most amazing things and really do plan on trying ALL of it at least in my head. Here are some examples of things I've "pinned"...
DIY Frame Key Holder
DIY Frame Key Holder

T-shirt refashion
Tshirt refashion

fruits are awesome
Benefits of Fruit

FINALLY!!!! The recipe for the Chik-fil-a sauce...oh and a recipe for the nuggets too! LOL
Chik-fil-A nugget recipe

Chic shorts
My new wardrobe :o) lol
Feeling a little BLUE
I can so see me in this!

Want to try a little color blocking... is the next obession

Hit me up if you are on there! :o)

And the site Polyvore where you can create these cute wardrobe looks is also really cool! Check it out!

Anyone else into Pinterest?


May 2, 2012

Miss Black France

The first ever Miss Black France pageant was held this past weekend in Paris. Mbathio Beye, 21, of Senegal, was crowned queen. Unfortunately there is tons of controversy surrounding the event. The Huffington Post reports on the story:
France has a new queen--beauty queen that is. Mbathio Beye has been crowned the first "Miss Black France"
But there was a lot of hoopla surrounding the pageant, so we're surprised it even took place.
According to the pageant's organizer Frédéric Royer, the goal of the event was to "celebrate black beauty," and "to shine a light on the many Black women in this country who are rarely given any media attention."
Yet the last time woman of color to took home the "Miss France" title was only three years ago in 2009 when Chloé Mortaud won—a biracial woman of African American and French descent.  

Click here for the full story.

The also have a poll...

Are Race Based Pageants Ok?

May 1, 2012

FREE products...

It never hurts to ask!!

I emailed Sweet Baby Rays about their BBQ Sauce. We love it and I thought they should know! Well you know what I got in return?? TWO coupons for a free bottle and $0.50 off! AND it's $1 at Kroger right now so my $0.50 off coupon now makes that bottle FREE!!

Simple as that.

If you want to get some free products as well, just email Sweet Baby Ray's  yourself and let them know how much you love their BBQ Sauce.

Who's IN???