May 31, 2012

Ebay Coupons

Have you ever thought about getting coupons from Ebay??? It's been a game changer. I don't even buy a Sunday paper anymore. If you find a deal that you really love, you can search for coupons on Ebay. They normally come in lots of 10 or 20. STOCK PILE!!!!!!!!

So you signed up for the sites I told you about for couponing, right??? Now when they tell you exactly which coupon to look for you can go on Ebay and search for it.
Kroger had a deal on Smart Balance Milk. We go through this like it's going out of style. The milk is normally $3.99. It was on sale for $2.49 and there was a coupon out there for $1.50/off. YUP...that makes the half gallon a whopping ONE DOLLAR!! So I ordered some coupons from Ebay and stocked up!

Seriously...GAME CHANGER!

Ever thought about going to Ebay for coupons?



  1. I sure wish I had seen this when the sale was going on. I want to try this milk and for a $1 I would have given it a whirl LOL

    I guess I need to bookmark your site... bookmarking NOW!

    Still Dating My Spouse

    1. They have those coupons ALL the time. I just did a quick Ebay search and there is a coupon out there for $1.50 off that doesn't expire until 7/18/2012. Publix will likely have a sale of 2/$5 coming up soon!

      I'll keep you posted!! :)

  2. And thank you for bookmarking the site. I have you on my google reader too! :)

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