May 2, 2012

Miss Black France

The first ever Miss Black France pageant was held this past weekend in Paris. Mbathio Beye, 21, of Senegal, was crowned queen. Unfortunately there is tons of controversy surrounding the event. The Huffington Post reports on the story:
France has a new queen--beauty queen that is. Mbathio Beye has been crowned the first "Miss Black France"
But there was a lot of hoopla surrounding the pageant, so we're surprised it even took place.
According to the pageant's organizer Frédéric Royer, the goal of the event was to "celebrate black beauty," and "to shine a light on the many Black women in this country who are rarely given any media attention."
Yet the last time woman of color to took home the "Miss France" title was only three years ago in 2009 when Chloé Mortaud won—a biracial woman of African American and French descent.  

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The also have a poll...

Are Race Based Pageants Ok?


  1. What a beautiful woman!! I like what the organizer said about celebrating black beauty. I think it's a really wonderful idea behind the pageant! It does seem a bit strange to have a pageant only inclusive of one single race though... Hmmm... Very interesting topic to ponder!

    1. YESSS she is beautiful! I'm wondering if France is going to recognize this as a legit pageant and will she tour the country with Miss France?? Like what is the exact point, you know??

  2. She is gorgeous!! I don't see anything wrong with it because there's clearly a lack of diversity in pageants and not just in race. I never have a problem with a group who wants to celebrate their own unique beauty. I was introduced to the plus size pageant circuit and it truly is a celebration of plus size women, who in most national pageants, are not recognized.

    I doubt if she'll tour "with" Miss France, but it's possible. Many pageant circuits create their own way, so they will set up a tour of their own, capturing their own specific audience. I'm glad to see that when someone saw an issue, they addressed it and most likely encouraged many other women along the way.

    1. Yes Latisha, you are right...sometimes people have to make a way for themselves because they won't be recognized any other way! :(

  3. Great posting. France had to recognize that they are getting more people of color and sometimes we need to have black-based events. She is gorgeous.