May 30, 2012

Great Sites for Couponing

I have fallen in love with couponing. It took me a minute to get it right (and I'm still no expert) but I have been so proud of some of the deals I have found. :o)

It's not as hard as I'm sure it used to be. With the Internet, all of the deals are right at your finger tips.

I am NOT finding these deals on my own. There are some great sites out there that do all the work for you! What could be better???

Here are some of my FAVS!!

I Heart Publix (all about Publix deals)

I Heart Kroger (all about Kroger deals)

Souther Savers (Mainly for those stores in the Southern states)

These sites will even have next week's sales out in advance. You can totally get your self prepared for the deals coming up! But most importantly they find the deals for you. They list all of the deals. Exactly which coupons can be used and how much the item will end up being after the coupons. AND (yes more) they even tell which Sunday paper the coupon was in by the date. There are even some coupons that are printable and you can get straight from the link they provide. WHAT MORE CAN YOU ASK FOR? All you have to do is read the info.

ALSO...almost every store has an I HEART site. So if you like Walmart, Rite Aid, CVS, or Walgreens (iheartwags) try those out as well.

Don't say I've never shared this info...LOL




  1. Great post DC2!! I think this was our season to get into couponing. Folks are busy enough nowadays, so having the blogs tell us the deals is just awesome!! Then finding deals in the stores on our own is just gravy!! I love Kroger!! Happy Savings chic!!

  2. Yes definitely our time!! You know Kroger is my fav! And Publix with the's just a MUST to take advance of the deals! :) lol