May 1, 2012

FREE products...

It never hurts to ask!!

I emailed Sweet Baby Rays about their BBQ Sauce. We love it and I thought they should know! Well you know what I got in return?? TWO coupons for a free bottle and $0.50 off! AND it's $1 at Kroger right now so my $0.50 off coupon now makes that bottle FREE!!

Simple as that.

If you want to get some free products as well, just email Sweet Baby Ray's  yourself and let them know how much you love their BBQ Sauce.

Who's IN???



  1. That is too cool! I love it when stuff like that happens!! :) I feel like I should go email Kate Spade, Tory Burch, and David Yurman right about now...think I could get a free handbag, pair of sandals, and some jewelry?? ;)

    1. OHHHHHHHHHHH you many be on to something there??? HA!! We should try it!! Right??? It never hurts to ask! :)