November 1, 2012

Welcome November

One of the best months of the year!!!!!!!!!!!

My birthday and Thanksgiving just so happen to fall on the same day this year! So everyone will be celebrating!! :o) LOL

November is also Gratitude Month!

Found this challenge

November is the perfect month to practice being grateful for all of life's blessings—big and small. Gratitude helps us enjoy, appreciate, and be more satisfied with our lives. Grateful people deal with life’s ups and downs more gracefully. And now research suggests that being grateful can make you happier and is good for your health. A positive attitude can give you more energy, reduce stress and even boost your immune system. (It always takes science a few decades to catch up with what mom always knew!)

A grateful attitude may be even more essential for kids. Studies have shown that students who are more grateful may have better grades, more friends, and are generally more satisfied with life. In contrast, young people who are more materialistic have a tenden...

cy to be more envious and depressed.

So this November, get your family started on a journey to become more grateful. It’s easy. Hang a big piece of paper on the wall—the bigger the better. Supply your family with fun writing tools—crayons, markers, even watercolor paint and brushes. Encourage each family member to write (or draw!) what they’re grateful for. The goal is to add to the list every day.

Be creative! Nothing is too small to be grateful for.

How many things does your family have to be grateful for? There’s only one way to find out…make the list! By the end of November you’ll be surprised at just how long and varied the list is.

Keep your list in plain sight through the holidays and return to it when little annoyances like tangled lights, out-of-stock gifts, and burnt cookies threaten to bring you down.
Who wants to join me?
What are you grateful for?


  1. Great column and food for thought. You are doubly blessed with a birthday on Thanksgiving.