June 14, 2012

Email Your Favorite Companies for FREEBIES

As you all may remember I emailed Sweet Baby Rays and got coupons for free and discount bottles. I also emailed Wonderful Pistachios to see if they would be willing to send anything. And I received this email today!!

Dear Mrs. Donnica Carter:

Thank you for contacting Paramount Farms about Wonderful Pistachios. It is always a pleasure to receive compliments from our consumers.

Paramount Farms has a long history of providing high quality products. Through numerous inspections, protective measures and teamwork, we make products we believe every customer will enjoy. We strive to ensure product quality and purity from harvesting to packaging. We appreciate receiving the positive feedback.

We'll be sending some savings by regular mail which we hope you'll use to enjoy our product again.  Thank you for your thoughtful comments.

Paramount Farms
Consumer Care

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 WHOOO OOHHHH. If you love those pistachios, let them know and get some freebies too!



  1. Oh what a great idea! I need to email a few of my favorite places.

    Still Dating My Spouse

  2. I remember doing this in grade school! But I mailed a letter instead.

    I got freebies and coupons!

    1. OH wow...old school couponing. I LOVE IT!! :)