December 5, 2012

Natural Beauty

Okay so I'm going to go here and I just hope I don't personally offend anyone. You know when you start something off like that chances are you will offend someone. SMH

As of late, the natural hair debate has kind of taken over. I feel like it's the newest trend. I personally love it. Am I natural?? NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!! LOL!!! But I still love all of the styles and the way that it gives a Black woman a since of pride. But the thing that has kind of been irking me is the NATURAL BEAUTY comment that I see all the time. Almost as if they have an edge up on those with a relaxer. Are these women beautiful? YESSSSS. Are they completely natural? Ummm...not so much!

I would LOVEEEEEEEEEEE to post some pictures, but again not trying to offend someone. But my question is...

How can you be considered a NATURAL BEAUTY and you have on photo shoot makeup at all times???

 *gasps* I know...

It started with an email I received from about some "Naturally Pretty" women. As soon as I opened the email, I saw bright pink lips!!!

Not the actual picture, just for effect! LOL!!
Totally threw me off, and I forgot all about the hair. Which is why I'm sure these were considered natural beauties!! So I immediately thought...

Well what would she look like without all that makeup??

Is she now considered beautiful because of her hair? And there is nothing wrong with that.

Did she wear all of this makeup before she went natural?? And there is nothing wrong with that either.

Just so many questions!!!

Maybe it should be Natural HAIR Beauty??? I'm just saying!!

Anyway...I'm off on a tangent now...but what do you all think about that Natural Beauty title?

PS- Not trying to make this a Natural vs Relaxed Hair debate either!!! WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL!!



  1. I actually named my natural hair photo album "Naturally Beautiful" after a beautiful song that was written about being who we were made to be, that true beauty is what shines within, regardless of how our hair is. So my naturally beautiful means Natural Hair, Beautiful Woman because of who God made me, the two don't necessarily have to coincide. For me it was more spiritual than political...I found more of my style through my natural hair. It just works better for me personally. Everyone may not have that same experience or even that desire. It's a choice that we have the right to make. Having a relaxer doesn't make you any less beautiful...If that's the case then we can get into certain weights being considered more beautiful than others, and that's not true. Confidence comes in all sizes and hair types! (i plan to blog on that sentence, loL!) I know you personally, and you are beautiful inside and out...your hair texture doesn't determine that..True beauty is being our true selves, having that freedom to be us, to reflect our own unique personality and be who God created us to be BOLDLY and CONFIDENTLY...I like this post. No offense taken! LOL!

    1. Yes I think Natural hair gives so much more style and spunk to some people!!! Like I said, not trying to have the natural vs relaxed debate.

      I think they are both amazing.

      Just wondering how all these women can be NATURALLY pretty just because their hair isn't relaxed but yet they have the makeup packed on! :) lol

  2. If I had saw the words "Naturally Pretty Women", my thoughts would be a naturally beautiful woman, enhanced without any makeup. If it read "Naturally Hair Pretty Women", my thoughts would be they're referring to their hair. Beauty begins from within it doesn't matter whether a person's hair is relaxed or natural. I've worn my hair natural for 5 years and I don't feel I'm better or more beautiful than my relaxed sisters. My natural hair is for me and and how it makes me feel.

  3. I love the natural style. So many mature woman I know, co-workers and others are going natural. They have short, medium and long hair or different textures. I am lovin' it. My sister wears an Afro after having dreads for years. Her daughter, my niece, also wears natural styles and has a natural hair blog.

    For me, it is not time. My hair is very thin and fine, so I wear weave, a naturally looking straight weave. At age 61, I am satisfied with my look and am confident of my beauty. I think folks should do what's right and good for them. I used to get perturbed by those going natural as a trend. Young woman don't know how special going natural was back in the day. We wore it as a sense of pride and to use it because it is trendy just irked me. But I have gotten over that. I just think one needs to be educated. And please, do not throw that natural stuff in other's face. It's like an alcoholic who no longer drinks and a sinner that gets saved and is self-righteous. The beauty about black woman is we have so many looks and they are all beautiful.

    1. WOW Dera!!! That's a great analogy with the alcoholic and sinner. That's how I feel sometimes! We already have so many things we use against each other, now natural hair too! SMH

  4. I started wearing my hair in natural styles after I had my son. Being a single mom, I found that i could not afford the $65 bi-weekly for my hair. I wore locs for 10 yrs and decided to cut them 2 yrs ago. I have been proudly bald. I thought of letting it grow but I like the freedom of not during anything with it. I have never been a make-up person so the most I may do is shape my brows.

    I like all styles of hair but this is what works for me

    1. My mom has the same style Cilla! Hope I can do it one day! :)