February 3, 2011

Teen Heart Throbs

I feel like I was robbed of some TRUE Teen Heart Throbs! I mean girls back in the day had The Beatles, David Cassidy, The Jacksons, need I go on????? Now don't get me wrong...I LOVED each and every one of them. But for some reason it seems like my teen heart throbs/crushes are corny now!!!! *Sigh* LOL

Let me just go down my list! Now we enter the NO JUDGE ZONE!!!!!!!!

First up...

Now who can actually say they weren't trying to dance like Bobby in the Every Little Step video?? And Tender Roni?? I know I wanted to be one!! Well let's just say Bobby has fallen off a little bit.

But even still he can rock ANY stadium and still sounds like he did in 1989!! I LOVE YOU BOBBY!! But you see what I mean by feeling jipped??? LOL

Drumline (Full Screen Edition)

Who didn't love DrumLine??? And even before that when he was on Nickelodeon!! LOVED HIM!! The skinny and goofy Nick! Then he did Love Don't Cost A Thing which was a remake for Can't Buy Me Love (one of my FAVORITE 80s movies). I was sold! But somewhere he lost it and just started to TRY to hard. I just want to scream Nick you are cute...you are NOT sexy!! *Sigh*

Either way...he's living his life. Married to Mariah Carey and expected TWINS!! :) Still some how I feel JIPPED!

My last crush/teen heart throb is probably the MOST embarrassing buy hey...I'm sharing and this is the NO JUDGE ZONE right???


STOP LOOKING LIKE THAT! LOL!!! I liked RayJ when he was just Brandy's brothers. Before he was Ray J who has a video with Kim Kardashian! And need a say more with the disappointment and being JIPPED! UGHH

Soooooo who were some of your crushes/teen heart throbs??



  1. OK...
    Ralph Tresvant
    Michael Jackson(Off the Wall and Thriller album)
    LL Cool J
    Taimak(sp) from Last Dragon
    Malcolm Jamal Warner
    Carl Payne

  2. My BFF loved her some Ralph Tresvant! :)

    And is Carl Payne Cole from Martin??? LOL

  3. Ronnie DeVoe, Kareem of The Boys, Tyrone of Perfect Gentlemen, Garfield of Shai, Bumper Robinson

  4. See Dera...Jackie and Stevie are still legends!!! :)

    LaTisha...I love ROnnie too, but since he can't sing I had to pick someone who could sing out of NE. But when they went BBD...it was DEVOE all day! HA!!! :)

    We OBVIOUSLY are the same age...The Boys, Perfect Gentlemen (PROPS for even remember their individual names) and Shai are all some good times!

    When Bumper was on Different World...YES MA'AM! LOL!!!!!!