January 11, 2012

Cassette Tape iPhone 4 Cover

I didn't forget about my iPhone lovers!! :o)

iPhone 4 / 4G White Silicone Cassette Tape Case / Skin / Cover

Amazon has a cool iPhone cover for only $1.53 and FREE SHIPPING!!! Yes!!! This would be a cool and different cover for your iPhone!

They even have a black one for only $2.09!!!

You are welcome!!!! LOL



  1. CUTE.. the lil boy my daughter likes from MB posted a pic of his on Instagram.. she was like, mommy what is that?.. LOLOLOL... i forgot we didn't have cassette tapes in her generation.

  2. Man that's crazy that he doesn't know!!! They probably don't know what a CD is either!!! Times...SMH lol

  3. I actually got Drew one of these for Christmas...$3 bucks, WOOT! I got him a Gameboy one too they are pretty HOT!!

  4. OOOH I bet he loves it...it's so cool!!! :)