February 6, 2012

Viola Davis looks AMAZING

Viola Davis recently did an interview for the LA TIMES and revamped her look! And she looks AMAZING!! I personally love this look on her and would really love for her to let the wig go!!!

Here is some of what she said to the LA Times..

Doing more with less—that’s quintessential Davis. In The Help, Davis breathed three dimensions into circumspect housemaid Aibileen Clark, a role that required the actress to deadpan and repress her way through the Jim Crow–era South. It was an understated performance that has managed to garner as much awards-season buzz as your more gaily painted characters, à la Rooney and Michelle. The Hollywood Foreign Press and Screen Actors Guild honored her in The Help with best-performance nominations, and as we close this issue, Davis has just locked an Oscar nom. And it’s not hard to see why.

Rewatch the scene where Emma Stone says she wants her input about “what it’s like to work as a maid.” It takes less than two seconds—no words spoken, just eyes and shoulders—to see Aibileen’s day has just gone from bad to Mississippi awful. “She can rip your soul out with a look,” says costar Octavia Spencer.

Davis prefers characters like that: underrated, slow burners, still waters that run deep. “Human life is about a culmination of moments, and 99 percent of those are quiet but powerful,” she insists. “I am always interested and intrigued with watching that.” She likes to cite an acting tip credited to David Mamet: “If you’re looking at an actor onstage with a cat, who are you going to look at, the actor or the cat? The cat, because the cat is just being a cat.”

You can read the entire article here.

So what do you think of the look??



  1. Your About ME section sounds exactly like me!! I went to a work lunch the other day, and totally brought a $5 off coupon.
    and gossip and reality tv? GUILTY! i looooove them. i check tmz and usweekly before i check cnn: P

  2. That is hilarious and sounds SO LIKE ME! lol Why pay full price if you can get a discount??? :)