March 28, 2011


An actual receipt of mine! (BEST YET)
 My newest addiction hobby!!! What better time for me to pick up on couponing than when I'm needing to save money for our wedding??? This stuff has CHANGED MY LIFE! I ain't lying! LOL!!

The hardest thing is just getting started! I've watched my coworkers do this for almost 4 years and still wasn't on my game like I should be. Then one day (SUNDAY) I just decided to get a paper. Just a mere $2 changed the game for me!! You are bound to find at least $2 worth of savings that apply to you! So it's worth it! then you combine that with going online.

Kroger and Publix have their own coupons that you can use WITH the manufacturer's coupons. That's called STACKING!! And they also double coupons that are $0.50 or less EVERDAY!! Check out their weekly ads so that you can go into the store PREPARED!

Only purchase what's on sale. I know that's hard but you can shop to the sales. Before you know it you will begin to have everything on hand that you need and then will only need the essentials (milk, bread, butter, etc.)

There are tons of sites dedicated to helping you find the best deals and even FREE items. They often put out what's free at Walmart, Target, CVS, Walgreens, as well as the grocery stores! They will tell you when the coupon was printed in the paper and sometimes even give you the link to a printable coupon.

Southern Savers
Coupon Divas
The Krazy Coupon Lady
Coupon Katarina
Smart Couponing

Subscribe to their blogs and you can get the tips sent right to your email. I use google reader and I will just go there and all of my blog subscriptions are listed together. These sites are not just dedictated to groceries. You can find deals on electronics, clothing, toys...anything!!! They also do a weekly round up of retail stores with coupon codes or printable coupons.

My fiance became a believer when he came with me on a mini run! My total then was $0.41!
Most of the stuff in there was for him! LOL!



  1. Awesome deals! I wish I had patience to do this.

  2. I'm telling you my patience is THING!! But in my heart I'm a frugal person so I deal! LOL Really it doesn't take much. These sites do all the searching for you! :)

  3. I BELIEVE! I BELIEVE! And am going to start a savings blog. You inspire!

  4. YES do it Caroline! You were one of the first to inspire ME to coupon!! :)

  5. Have you seen the new commercials for Extreme Couponing? I am on the commercial and the series. Check out I have a money saving blog and would live to write about the basics of couponing for your blog.

  6. OMGoodness! Have I seen the previews??? I've only been counting down to when it starts!!! :) I would LOVE to have you give some tips!! I'm going to contact you!!! :)

  7. I am slowly learning and today I saved a whopping $10 so I am sold and ready to save.

    Thanks for the tips DCSq!!

  8. Wow, you are a pro! I've never had much patience (or organization skills) for couponing LOL...but saving thiiiiisss much money is well worth it! :-)

  9. Nik check to see if you can use expired coupons in Japan! I know they can in Germany!!!

  10. Saved fifteen bucks at Target today! AND got a bunch of free toothpaste. Thanks for inspiring me :)

  11. @CarnivalBride- I'm glad I was able to inspire you!! YAYYY!! :)