May 26, 2011

Experience of a LIFETIME...with Oprah

No your eyes are not deceiving you. That is ya girl and her man right there looking up Oprah's nose. :o)

Can you BELIEVE it?? Cause I surely can't.

Just last week I heard that a guy that we were in pre-marital class with, went to Oprah's huge finale at the United Center. We saw him in church on Wednesday and it HIT ME...Donnica this is the last show and you will never make it to the studio. Really??? The number one thing on my bucket list will NEVER happen? I've wanted to go for as long as I can remember. I wanted to have a grand trip for my 25th birthday (that came and went) and then again for my 30th (also gone). It wasn't until I realized the finale was taped that I able to release the fact that I would never make it to The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Well let me tell you how God works! He said Cool girl! You done took that chick off that pedestal and now I can bless you with your dream! YES...He can speak Ebonics if He wants to! :o) Friday afternoon I get an email saying that I have two tickets to the Monday taping of Oprah's show. I had my first ever panic attack. I didn't know WHAT to do. I had already taken off work a half day for the finale party I was having with my girlfriends, now I need to ask my boss for Monday and Tuesday so I can go to Chicago to BE on the finale.

Now WHO DO I TAKE?? WHEW!!!! I tried to call my mom at least 10 times. She didn't answer. I felt like the email was time sensitive and I wanted to reply IMMEDIATELY! I knew I couldn't choose between my girlfriends so my fiance was the next obvious choice. And that ended up being the BEST choice!

Originally the show was Monday and we thought we would have to do a turn around trip. Like drive up and get RIGHT IN LINE and drive back. Oh stop off to take a shower somewhere before hand. Can't stink for Oprah. But we were MORE than okay with this! But then they move the taping to Tuesday! Ooh GOOD we have a little more time to get there and relax! See how God was working it out???

We get there Monday and are able to do a little site seeing of Chicago.

We wake up early Tuesday morning and prepare for THE EVENT! We arrive to Harpo studios and are number 34 and 35 in live. BAM! Perfect!

Come to find out everyone got last minute tickets and they had a hard time booking the show.  Most people didn't believe that it was legit. I bet they are kicking themselves right now!

The wait wasn't long at all. We head up to the audience waiting area. Oh AFTER they have checked all our phones and cameras. So now we have gone under! LOL! As they are hyping the crowd and about to call everyone down, they announce that they will call out a few Ultimate Viewers names so they can have special seating.


They called my name!!! 2nd panic attack in the last 3 days!!! Ed and I run down the stairs okay I run down the stairs, Ed walked lol to get in line to be escorted to the FRONT of the studio! I tried my best not to have the ugly cry and I didn' cry was FUGLY! LOL

They hyped the audience up and pulled Ed on stage. He pulled me up with him and we danced and just had the best time. Seriously...I was on the stage. So you KNOW I'm counting that as being ON the show too! LOL!!

Oprah's closest friends were also in the audience. Stedman, Gail, Gail's children, Maria Shriver, BeBe Winans, Cicely Tyson, Suze Orman, Bob Green. But FINALLY they announce that Lady O is coming down! And that brings us full circle back to this moment...

Ready to receive the wonderful message that Oprah had for her FINAL episode. It was amazing!

As we are walking out all every TV station is outside. Traffic is stopped and they have now renamed the street to Oprah Winfrey Blvd while we were in there taping the show!! CRAZY!!!

Definitely an experience of a lifetime!




  1. WOW!!! So so happy & excited for you cousin!!! God is awesome!!!!! Let me make my Bucket List now!!!

  2. Awesome post! I have our picture in my post on SFTA...

  3. It is amazing how God worked things out for you guys. I can't think of more deserving people to have this happen to except for myself (smile). I pray that God has more and more amazing happenings ahead for you guys. Be blessed. Love you, Aunt Margie.

  4. This is so wonderful..but Im still jealous LOL

  5. WOW!! I cant believe it!! AWESOME!!

  6. Awesome girl God always provide a way

  7. I am still crying.. and so proud and excited for you :-)


  8. SINGING..."GOD IS GOOOOOD....ALLL THE TIIIIIMMME and ALL THE TIME, GOD IS GOOOOOD!! What a blessing!! I think this is going down as one of the experiences of my lifetime too (and I wasn't even there)!! LOL


  9. And all the time God is good!!
    I abosultely love the fact that he allowed you to fulfill your dreams! Its your time honey!

    Now its on to even better blessings....walk in this season!
    Luv Ya!

  10. You are truly blessed! I am so happy for you but I can also say that I am so jealous. Oprah is an amazing person and to be able to share that time with her on the last show must have been overwhelming. I would not worry about crying, heck you were on the Oprah show, I would have boo hoo'd too.

  11. Haven't been able to reply for some reason!! SO SORRY!! :(

    @Shawn-YES!! You need a bucket list IMMEDIATELY! Let God know how he can bless you! :)

    HAHAHA!! @ Aunt Margie! That was cute!! :)

    @Laurene- Just like I'm having my first child through you! :) Me and you us never part!!! LOL

    Thanks everyone...I'm still in amazement that I was THERE!! It was such an experience!!!