May 10, 2011

"Jumping The Broom" Movie Review

The history of "jumping the broom" is in our blood. Marriage was not recognized for blacks during slavery. Jumping the broom was a symbol declaring they were now one. After the end of slavery, this ritual declined but still is quite a tradition in the African American community!

ANYWAY...on to the movie! :)

Quick Synopsis

Sabrina Watson and Jason Taylor have fallen madly in love and decide to get married after knowing each other only six months. Their families are not thrilled with the last minute affair. Sabrina is from a wealthy family that lives in the Hamptons. And Jason is from a single parent home in Brooklyn. When both families come together for, what's supposed to be, a wonderful wedding weekend, the family drama BEGINS!!!

My Review

WAYYYYYYY BETTER THAN EXPECTED!!! I could feel the love between the two characters. The supporting cast was HILARIOUS!! There was just enough drama. Not too over the top! I cried practically the whole movie while laughing at the same time. There were unexpected twists that really put the movie up there. Now was this the best movie ever? NO. But would I suggest you go see it? YES!

At one point in the movie, my mother leans over and whispers "I'm so glad you get along with Mr. E's mother". LOL And I'm so glad too!



  1. Aww, this sounds like such a feel good movie & the cast looks great too! I don't think I've ever seen Angela B. play a snobby roll (at least I'm assuming her character is), but I'm sure she rocked it!

    I need a copy when it's released on DVD.... :-)

  2. Do you all get new releases at the movies? I know it sounds crazy to ask but I don't know!?! lol