March 13, 2012

I heart New Edition

I know people watched Oprah and her interview with the Houstons. It saddens me about the passing of Whitney Houston. I can't even TRY to blog about it! So I'm trying to think of positive things. And what might that be???

SEEING BOBBY BROWN!! I'm a huge New Edition fan and an even bigger Bobby Brown fan. I'm so excited about the upcoming NE concert!!! I MUST get a shirt to wear. LOL MUST...

Which shirt should I get?


Help me decide!!



  1. Coming from another HUGE NE fan...I gotta say the second one...I ♥ NE is all there is to say really...and JUST like you I am uber excited about seeing ALL of the boys (esp B.Brown) the day before my birthday in June!When is your concert?

  2. love this... i can't WAIT until the Funk Fest.. I like the 1st one!! now i'll be singing Candy Girl for the rest of the day!! lol

  3. I feel like I need to just get both since I'm soooo torn!! I feel like I can wear the Candy Girl one over and over!! But most people are saying I think I'm leaning there!! :o)