March 22, 2012

Who's Funny???

So recently, we were chilling with some friends and they mentioned how they were excited that Kevin Hart would be touring in GA this summer.

NO...NOT Atlanta, but Columbus, Macon, Savannah. And they are considering the drive to see him.  

REALLY? I was shocked. I wouldn't even halfway consider that drive. But then I realized, he's just not that funny to me. And when I checked with hubby...NOPE...he wouldn't do it either. that's why I married him LOL *wink*

So then they asked...well who's funnier? Who's the funniest comedian out?

Hmmm...good question.

They know I sometimes listen to Steve Harvey in the mornings. So they asked do I think he's the funniest guy out??

NOPE...I mean don't get me wrong. I really do chuckle at Steve and I have had some great stomach-hurting-gotta-get-up-to-breathe moments, but not sure if he's the BEST out right now. But that Kings of Comedy video will still have me crying laughing.

So maybe Cedric the Entertainer?? Fo and Five *fingers pointing* LOL But is he even out right now??

I do know I haven't had any stomach-hurting moments with Kevin. As a matter of fact, the only time I've known the hubs to fall asleep on a movie was when we were watching Kevin Hart's "I'm A Grown Little Man".

So it left me stumped? Who is the funniest guy out? Is it Kevin???

UPDATE: How could I forget my FAVVVVVVVVVVVV Marty Mar (Martin Lawrence)!!! Whew we used to watch You So Crazy almost every night my freshman year in college! ;o) And hands down Martin was the funniest sitcom to me...EVER!! I hope he can get it together and come back out.

What y'all think?



  1. KH is funny...rewatchable funny. I find SH to be ignant funny...cause he say whatever and dont give a dayum. Ceddy is always rewatchable funny but havent seen new stuff from him in forever. ML..You So crazy was funny..and of the show was off hook. But thats different from stand up funny. Havent seen new material from him in years...Mike Epps is funny in movies..havent seen his standup yet. Can't forget about Rickey Smiley..he is a plain fool. There are also some funny lesser knowns...Deon Cole, DeRay Davis, Rod Man..but funniest to me (of current crop) has to be Jamie Foxx...stand up, tv show, foxxhole...he is just ridiculously funny.

  2. Man I forgot about Jamie...I haven't really listened to his Foxhole show either.

    I just don't get the Kevin Hart funny. I think he is funnier on the streets than stand up!

    I did hear that Mike Epps stand up was HORRIBLE! :(