August 2, 2010

DeJA Vu or Predictability?

Do you ever feel like you are having DeJA Vu ALL THE TIME!?!?!??!

Now I LOVE my life. I love my job, I love my house, I love my family and friends. But sometimes I just feel like I'm doing the same thing everyday!

It just hit me as I was cleaning out my cup getting ready to pour my coffee. I clean the cup the SAME way every morning and dry it off the SAME. It's like that is so predictable of me. So I'm telling my co-worker that it felt like DeJA vu. But then I'm like maybe not...maybe it's because I do the same thing everyday! He says that he likes that! It's comforting knowing that some things won't change and are predictable.

So I got to thinking. It IS comforting to know that certain things will happen or certain people will be there. It feels good knowing that you have a home to go to. It feels good knowing that you have a job to come to. It's nice to know that such and such is going to call. Knowing that your grandmother is praying for you. All those things...I really do WANT to be there.

So what do you all think!?!?! you want it in your life??


ps-to all my homies that are always there for me...THANK YOU!!! ;o)

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