August 27, 2010

Do You Know Ebonics??? We Are Looking For YOU...

What is EBONICS??? Ebonics was originally supposed to be the language of SLANG in the African American Community. Now we KNOW it has some what TAKEN OVER. RIGHT?? Let's not act dumb about that. But is this really going too far???

Wanted by the Drug Enforcement Administration: Ebonics translators.

YES that's right...the DEA is looking for nine people to translate some of the conversations they are hearing on the tapes of some wiretaps. Special Agent Michael Sanders said this...

"DEA's position is, it's a language form we have a need for. "I think it's a language form that DEA recognizes a need to have someone versed in to conduct investigations. And Ebonics is no longer spoken only by African-Americans. It crosses over geographic, racial and ethnic backgrounds. "
The positions are available in Atlanta, Miami, New Orleans and even the Caribbean.

Sidenote: If they were really smart, they would just get Pookey off the street and give him a $100 for translating the conversation. I'm just saying. But hey, if you know someone looking for a gig, pass this along! :)

What do you all think?



  1. when you have a group of law enforcement officials who can't even communicate with the people they are trying to enforce laws upon, you have a serious equality problem. ...1st, it belies the ideal that the DEA is an equal opportunity empoloyer, which it can't be, seing that they have to hold a special hiring for those who speak "ebonics." 2nd, it further reinforces the racial discrimination in the "war on drugs" where they continue to attack the retailers while ignoring the wholesalers of the dope. It's just like locking up people in individual homes for having milk when it's more efficient to shut down the SuperWalmart down the street. SMH

  2. Desmond you done said something HERE!!!!!!!!!! <--EBONICS LOL

    We watched Cocaine Cowboys last weekend. And it was telling the story about hoe for YEARS so many "people" were making so much money off of just transporting the goods. Once it got in the streets and with the killing that was when they started cutting back. Those that were transporting got like 10 years in jail. They are back out and probably doing the same thing. They made MILLIONS in less than 5 years. I'm sure the DEA is on that money! HMMPH!

  3. Another example of govt. providing us the opportunity to be our OWN Big Brother... Soon the garbage man will have a friggin' badge! (No disrespect to any bin-men across the globe...) Offer us money/security to keep the chaos going as planned. And as far as DEA ignoring coke wholesalers... Nah... I'm sure there's a bunch of DEA/CIA beer league softball games!

  4. Hybrid, this is TRUE...very true!!!!!

  5. This is some crazy ish! I am not for this. Remember, Oakland put Ebonics on the radar. I am so embarrassed.

  6. OOOH I didn't know Oakland started Ebonics! HA!! LOL!!