August 17, 2010

Marc Jacobs Adds Plus Sizes to Line

So what is PLUS size you ask? Well this is the fashion industry. So we are JUST talking a 18. Marc Jacobs currently goes up to a 16 and now will go to a WHOPPING 18! LOL!! Now this WAS announced on Twitter, so who knows if it is for real.

In the tweet, Marc Jacobs‘ CEO Robert Duffy says
“I’m a big guy 6′4” 210 lbs. It’s not easy for me to find clothes. We gotta do larger sizes. As soon as I get back to NY. I’m on it!”
Saks Fifth Avenue will also be adding plus sizes to designer lines by Chanel and Alexander McQueen.

Maybe Toccara can be the spokes person...if she stops losing weight! We know J-Hud can't do it!

What do you think!? Should more designers have larger sizes available?



  1. I am gonna give a rousing YES...I dont know why folks assume that big gurls wanna wear school teacher (walmart) or church lady (catherines) clothes!!!!Ok I am exaggerating..there are a few more options but not that many. Think I am joking...take a look at Gabby Sidibe red carpet choices over the past year! Why is a 21 year old woman mostly looking like a matronly woman in her midfifties? Why can't we want to wear high end designer clothes designed with big girls in mind. Are the designers not up to the challenge? You can't tell me there isnt a market for it. Its kinda like Kevin Costner with his field of dreams...if you design it...we will come!!!!

  2. Well, I'll try again. Yes, they should take advantage of the plus size market. I remember going to Macy's looking for an evening dress and seeing nothing by matronly dresses at this particular store. I don't do matronly. I asked to see the buyer and he was this black man and told him I am not a 75 year-old grandmother; shoot, I'm a sassy 50 plus. LOL. The fashion industry needs a reality check; size 2 is not the norm. Designers should include plus sizes options.

  3. Yes ladies! I agree with you both. Designers should definitely step into reality! You would think if anything they would be about the BOTTOM DOLLAR! And reality is women are NOT size 0.

    I think I saw somewhere that the average size woman is a 12!