August 13, 2010

Favorite Things

*singing* These are a few of my favorite things

So my NUMBER ONE favorite thing to do is NAP!! I still crack up at one of my friend's first memory of us hanging. What did we do?? Go to my house and take a NAP!!!!!!! It was so awesome! That connection bounded us together forever! LOL!!!! A nice SUNNY, COLD, or RAINY (as you can see any kind of weather) DAY on the couch doing NOTHING but napping and watching movies!! OOH...I love it! Look for my CD coming in the fall...NAPPING ON A SUNDAY!! :o)

Speaking of...I would say the next thing would be just laying on the couch. I swear my couch has some kind of hypnotic layer that MAKES you stay there. Some nights I want to stay there instead of getting in my bed! It's the ABSOLUTE best place in the house! Oh and please don't come over and try to sit in my spot! I'm sure to have an attitude or at least pout about it!

Next on the list is GRAPE SODA!! Man...I don't know where it came from but I love me some GRAPE soda!!! For my 25th birthday, my friends threw a PRE-birthday party called a GRAPE SODA SOCIAL. We watched a slide show, did make up, and drank Grape soda to our hearts content! It was AWESOME!! We went to St. Marteen in 2005 they had FANTA grape soda as an option in one of the local restaurants! And it's just perfect that all my friends LOVE Grape Soda too!!!?!?!?

I love Musicals. My favorites are THE WIZ (Ease on down, ease on down the road) Okay why did I think they were saying "Don't you carry nothing that might FEEDALOAD" What is a FEEDALOAD?? I don't know! LOL!!! THE LABYRINTH (You remind me of the babe. What babe?? The babe with the power. What power?? The power of Voodoo. Who do?? You do. Remind me of the babe.), & SISTER ACT ONE & TWO!!

I'm a little biased! I'll admit that I don't like the song breakdowns on the (for lack of a better phrase) "chitterling circuit" plays!!! I mean I love those plays but I could sure fast forward through some of those songs!!! They are so LONG and drawn out. All they are really doing is ad-libbing and you have NO IDEA what they are talking about!

And why do I love Musicals?? Because I LOVE singing!!! I mean, it may not sound great but I'm doing it anyway! Guaranteed to catch me singing SOMETHING at least three times a day! I've picked up this new fascination with KARAOKE!!! Well I can't say it's new, but it's definitely on another level now!!! And what do you know??? My friends love singing and karaoke too!! Gotta choose your friends wisely! :o)

So what are some of your favorite things?



  1. I love this post...and I learned so much about you napping, singing, grape
    Hmmm what do I like...let's see when everything runs smoothly like a well oiled machine and I don't have to worry about anything!

  2. HA!! Yas I love your Type A personality too!! We definitely have THAT in common! :)

  3. ick i HATE grape soda...only thing worse than grape is orange!But some of my fave things are musicals...the two you mentioned plus Sound of Music, Glee, old school disney musicals (100 Dalmations, Aristocats, Mulan etc), Snapple Lemon Flavor Ice Tea, cause I love singing too...I aint good at it but I love it anyway. I also love haribo gummy bears, new notebooks and pens, journals, and crafting..I could go on and on!

  4. I love USHER!!!! and diet Pepsi. In that order! Naps are nice, but my 5 and 12 year old don't get the conccept of mommy napping leave her alone. Now my 20 year old will nap and read all day with me. She is my twin, we can just nap and have a pile of books waiting for the moments we are not napping.

  5. HATE GRAPE SODA??? BLASPHEMY!!!! I love GLEE too. I can't wait for the new season!! :)

    Napping with your daughter and reading books is sooo cute. I used to do that with my mommy!! Probably where I get it from! LOL!!

  6. I learned something new about you! I never knew you had an obsession with grape soda LOL.....I also love my couch and naps; especially on a rainy day. AHHHH a few more of my favorite things: hot tea (this is my grape soda), tutu dresses, Harajuku girls, lip gloss, the color pink, Japanese Street festivals, scary movies...the list goes on lol

  7. WOW! I learned something new about you too Nec...SCARY MOVIES?? I didn't know that!! :) I think I knew most of the others! lol

  8. OMG!! Someone else loves the Labyrinth too!!?!?! PRICELESSSSSSSSSSSS! lol