July 23, 2010

E-Readers. Would you get one?

E-readers! Do you have one? Would you purchase one?

You can download your books right onto the device and read from there. You can even download magazine subscriptions. I like the idea of having all your book stored in one place. Not have stacks of books around the house (oh so I'm the only one??). And taking this on vacation and not having to lug three and four books around.

There are just so many out there to choose from. Amazon.com has the Kindle. Barnes & Nobles has the Nook. Sony has the Sony reader. The iPad has the reader on it. And you can even use your smartphone (iPhone, Blackberry, etc) to download an application for a reader. SOOOO many options!

Call me old school, but I really love the feel of a BOOK. I know so many people are getting these e-readers and they are LIGHTWEIGHT convincing me that I should to. But I love the idea of being curled up on the couch or in bed with a good book. Flipping pages...not looking at a screen.

Where are we headed next?

I just thought this picture was hilarious! :)



  1. I feel the same way. I love books but my house is overcrowded with books and I am having a hard time parting with them. Eventually, I know I will have to go e-reader way.

  2. Okay so when you get one then I'll THINK about it! LOL!!!!!!!!

  3. I wanted an e-reader....so bad...but then I did math and got a netbook instead. I have thousands of books on it. the e-reader was just too much money for a non multipurpose device. My netbook was half the price, does twice the work and doesn't weigh that much more than the e-readers. It was truly a no brainer. And I did not stop purchasing real books. Cause like you say sometimes I just want to turn a page!

  4. OOH Tiffani how much was the netbook? Half the price of the kindle??? WHAT?????

  5. One of my friends was saying that school kids will soon forgo textbooks for iPads. I'll definitely get one after they get a few more releases out there. All the same, I LOVE holding a book, turning pages, the smell of paper, shoot even underlining key passages. For that, I hope that I never do away with physical copies of my personal faves. I hope to keep them around for a very long time!

  6. OH wow...I can totally see the students going to e-readers and just downloading textbooks. What a BUCK that could save in college! LOVE the idea!!!