July 22, 2010

Summer Summer Summer TIME!!!!!!!!!

*singing* Summer Summer Summer TIME!!!!!!!!!

You know it's summer when you hear Will Smith's "Summertime" on the radio. But you REALLY know it's summer when you wake up and it's already 78 degrees outside!!! This has been one of the hottest summer's in GA and we are JUST a month in!!

We have had tons of AIR CONDITIONING THEFTS??? YES!! People are going around stealing other people's AC Units. Someone tried to steal an AC unit from a church. A CHURCH y'all?? You know this heat got folks doing some crazy stuff.

So stay cool out there. Here are some ways to stay cool this summer...
  1. Drink plenty of water!
  2. Dress appropriately.
  3. Stay INDOORS. Find some indoor activities to partake in. Maybe the movies, the mall, whatever you do...don't go to the park. :)
  4. Think COOL thoughts! Pretend you are in the Arctic. SOMETHING! lol
There are also ways to cool down your house without air conditioning. Just in case someone steals your AC.




  1. Other songs that bring back memories of summers past. Hot Fun in the Summertime by Sly and the Stones and Summertime is Here by War. But you don't know nuthin' bout that youngster. LOL

    Wear white clothing or light colors. I can't stand to see dressed all in black on a hot day. Makes me hotter to look at them and not in a good day. ROTFLMAO at my own self.

  2. Dera how you going to do me like that?? I know those songs too! LOL!!!!!!!

  3. I know. I copped that line from Baby Boy.

    Are you going to talk about the Alicia Keys, Swiss Beatz or whatever his name is having this big wedding this weekend.
    I got a post titled Mashonda has new man (Swiss' just divorced wife)
    Rebecca and her friends asked me for my opinion and I gave them a heaful.

  4. From what I hear they aren't getting married this weekend. But nope...I don't plan to blog about it. Are you saying you did post a blog?