July 25, 2010

REVIEW: Playing Hard To Get by Grace Octavia

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Playing Hard To Get
by Grace Octavia

Grace Octavia brings Tasha, Troy, and Tamia back in PLAYING HARD TO GET. These best friends have been through it all...together. Now in the sequel to TAKE HER MAN, they move on to another journey in their lives. Troy is now a First Lady. Her marriage to Kyle is anything but picture perfect. She allows some of the nosey mothers of the church to wedge their way into her relationship. Tasha is married to her NBA baller, Lionel. They have moved out of the city into the suburbs with their two daughters and Tasha feels like she is drowning. She takes a big leap to get back on the scene that could cost Tasha her family. Tamia is on the fast track to making partner in her firm. She is dating high-powered attorney, Charleston, with lots of perks. When she is given a case that she thinks is a sure loser, Tamia never expects to meet Malik and to actually be able to learn something from him that could possibly change the rest of her life. Their lives are turned upside down and the challenges bring the 3Ts closer together.

 Octavia's writing style is in a category all of its own. She tells the story in a "sistergirl" fashion. She gives footnotes to help you understand the BAP (Black American Princess) and her personalized lingo. Octavia also inserts hilarious guides after a few chapters such as "Top Ten Reasons Men Lie in Love," "The BAP Declaration of Independence," "25 Classy-Girl Rules of Class Action" and "Six Male Conversations to Avoid." I am not sure that I totally get the title, but I thoroughly loved the book. This book stands alone. You do not have to read TAKE HER MAN but I suggest you do. It was great as well.

This book was sent from the author for review purposes.

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