July 20, 2010

Teen Maternity Line?

First let me say that I love Forever 21!

Forever 21 has launched a maternity line, Love 21, in five states: Arizona, Alaska, California, Utah, and Texas. Bloggers from the site The Glass are pointing out three of those five (Arizona, California, and Texas) are are among the top 15 states with the highest teen pregnancy rates.
Executive vice president, Larry Meyer, states
"Forever 21 did not create, design or distribute Love 21 Maternity to target, or appeal specifically to pregnant teens. Any relationship between teen pregnancy rates and the locations of our stores is unintentional. The line will provide sophisticated, on-trend styles for moms-to-be at affordable prices, continuing Forever 21's commitment to value, trend and freshness."

I don't see ANYTHING wrong with this. I mean I know plenty of people that shop there. I know that it may be geared towards teenagers. But I believe the maternity line is geared towards young adults. The girls on the website modeling the clothing aren't teenagers.

Honestly when I first saw it I was thinking OOOH this will be so cute for me when I get pregnant. :) My thoughts were NOT on teen pregnancies.

Anyway...YOU be the judge. What are your thoughts?



  1. I think the store is marketed to young adult rather than an exclusively teen audience.

  2. Yeah you know I love their clothes girl!! :)