July 21, 2010

Women Own More Jeans Than They Wear


According a survey done on Consumer Reports/ShopSmart , the average woman owns seven pairs of jeans but only wears FOUR. Only one in four women own more than ten pair of jeans.
ShopSmart's survey also gathered that the average price a woman is willing to pay for her jeans is $34. Only one in 10 women are willing to spend more than $100 on a pair of jeans.

Women between the age of 18-34 are willing to spend a little more, with their average being $60 a pair. They also own more jeans, with 99% owning more than 10 pair.

Yeah that would be ME!!! I own about 17 or 18 pair and really I think I wear a solid 6 or 7 pair! :) That's because those are the ones I can FIT! LOL!!! And I wouldn't spend more than about $45 on a pair of jeans. Really less than that! HA!!

So what about you?? How many do you own? How much would you spend?

Picture of PZI Jeans @Pzijeans


  1. I own about 10 pairs and I am in my late 50s. And the survey is right. There are maybe 4 or 5 paid I wear regularly. Bear in mind, I have different sets for different reasons. I have about 3 pairs of runaround, everyday jeans I only wear to run errands, runaround,very casual. I have maybe 2-3 I wear to work on Fridays that are nicer quality and I actually iron or get cleaned. Then I have maybe 2 pair to wear out; wear with a fancy blouse or top for a occasion that is after hours but not really required dressy. Although I have seen some ladies really give their jeans the glamour look. At my age, I'm more conservative and particular about where I wear jeans. While I wear slacks to church, I would not wear jeans although there is nothing wrong with it and people do. There is always that one pair of jeans that have been around for awhile that fit good and look good but it took awhile to get that perfect fit. I wore those jeans for runaround felt comfortable wearing to dress down Fridays. But I finally had to give them up. I'm not down with the raggedy jeans.

    Now my daughter, I just texted her and she has 20-25 pairs of jeans, maybe 10 she wears regularly. I don't know why she needs so many. :-)

  2. I think that I wear about 3-4 consistently. I have been strongly considering getting rid of the other ones, but for some reason... I am yet holding on!

  3. I have about four or five pairs of "utility" jeans, meaning I wear them when I'm making soap. I have one nice pair, one good pair and another really good pair. One pair is Toombas from a black-owned company in Houston. They fit very nicely. Another is by Chico's and they fit very well. The creme de la creme and the most expensive is "Not Your Daughter's Jeans." They fit like I was born in them (lol)

  4. I see everyone is about this same!! :)

    I have my...
    "Going to work on Friday" jeans
    "Going out and thinking I'm cute" skinny jeans
    "Running to the store might as well be sweats" jeans
    ONE pair of designer jeans that I got for my birthday last year. These are my I would never pay this kind of money for jeans but they feel so good!! LOL!!
    and finally my "I wish I could fit into those again" jeans!!


    Niambi, I've never heard of "Not Your Daughter's" Jeans. Gotta look them up!

  5. Dera I'm going home to count my jeans tonight for a REAL count. I wonder if I have about 20. Tell your daighter to gone and give some of those away!! :)

  6. I totally agree with that. Great information and i liked it very much.

  7. I'm one outta four, lol only cuz i wait till there are none left to start washing.